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Intro from ‘Kru Robin’

I decided in January of 2010, that I was going to open a traditional style Muay Thai gym, and quickly came up with the name ‘Sinwai Muay Thai’; a name merged from 2 of the gyms I had trained at.  Rawai and Sinbi were the 2 gyms, and in April 26th 2010 ‘ Sinwai Muay Thai’ was born.   This name sounded authentically Thai and had meaning, especially as I had first trained with Sing (Owner of Sinbi gym) at Rawai in 2004, before he opened Sinbi gym.  My quest was to open a gym that would provide a family friendly atmosphere, that had good values and where the students felt cared about.  I wanted to take the friendliness of an authentic Thai gym, the humbleness, and respect I had felt in Thailand, and incorporate it in my own gym.  I had encountered over the years, some UK gyms that were interested in only the elite fighters, and sometimes in an intimidating environment where there was a lot posturing & showing off, with no hint of the traditions &  respect for the art.  I knew that I wanted to teach the traditions of Thai culture that I had learnt and to conduct myself honestly, being friendly and respectful to all my students, whether they were great fighters or people just wanting to have fun & get fit.

Helping students to achieve their goals, and teach good Muay Thai is the best thing about being an instructor, and if top fighters are produced, then it is a bonus.  I have a passion to train fighters and watch them grow as gentlemen outside the ring and warriors within the ring, a quality sometimes lost by fighters and their trainers.  I wish to say a huge thank you to Grand Master Toddy, who inspired me with his kindness and great attitude to all the people he trained, and how he helped so many people in the ring and out of it.  We are the gym with a difference, so come and try for yourself.  Sawadee Khrup!

The Sinwai Muay Thai Boxing Club is dedicated to the enjoyment of one of the martial arts most exciting disciplines. Muay Thai is brilliant for self-defence and is guaranteed to get you into ‘great shape’ fast! Our training will get you fighting fit and able to strike hard and fast with some of the most feared weapons in the world of martial arts (punches, elbows, knees and kicks), whether it is hitting the bags and pads in the gym, competing in the ring or defending yourself in a real-life situation!

Muay Thai is suitable for everyone, men, women and children and our classes have been carefully designed for all skill levels, from beginner to experienced fighter. We have a full grading syllabus in place, so as your abilities increase, they will be recognised! We can help achieve goals in confidence, fitness and self defence that will help you in life.Come and train with us in a friendly environment!

The club is led by head instructor Robin Williamson, who has trained and fought in Thailand and the UK, lending a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to beginners, intermediates and seasoned fighters. Robin trained under ‘Grand Master Toddy’ – a legend of ‘Muay Thai’ who produced Reality TV shows ‘Fight Girls’ and ‘Tuff Girls’, he has also trained over 50 world champions.

Come and train with us and become part of the huge success story that has trained so many top quality boxers and Thai boxers. Master Toddy runs the most effective Muay Thai system in the world and that system is now in operation at Sinwai Muay Thai Boxing Club!

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