Private Lessons & Personal Training At The Gym

Although in our main classes we teach Thai Boxing, you can book us for a private lesson….We offer Thai Boxing, Boxing, Personal Training and Self Defence Training.  Contact us now for more information.

Please note:  If you are not a member, you must come to the gym first and make payment in cash upfront before booking in.

  • 1 person £35 per hour
  • 1 person block book x 6 lessons for £180 = £30 per hour
  • 1 person block book x 12 lessons for £336 = £28 per
  • 2 people £40 per hour – £20 each
  • 2 people block book x 6 lessons for £204 = £17 each per hour
  • 2 people block book x 12 lessons for £360 = £15 each per hour
  • For group of 3 people and above, please contact the instructor for prices.


Please note: For cancellation, a 24 hour period of notice is required.

Private Lessons (with Kru Robin)

Robin has trained around the world with some of the best in Muay Thai,  with the likes of ‘Master Toddy’ and ‘Sinbi Taewoong’ and will offer you lessons of the highest quality!

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