Wednesday class is suitable for over 14′s.

If you wish to spar you will need to be a member and should speak to your instructor first.

Both juniors and seniors of all levels can train in the same place.

This aim is to produce an environment where everyone feels comfortable enjoys their training.

We are here to promote Muay Thai, whether you just wish to train or to fight and we encourage everyone to join in, no matter what your goal, fitness or ability is and that you feel comfortable in a friendly training environment.  Respect for each and every student is paramount and bad attitudes will not be tolerated at Sinwai Muay Thai.

We all know what it is like the first day at school or on our first driving lesson!  You may be nervous and we understand at Sinwai you will need to be supported and encouraged. We promote a sense of family spirit and since we are a small friendly and successful club, you will be trained by instructors who know you and your needs extremely well. So your lesson plans will be tailored in class and private lessons.  Our aim is to provide a friendly service to all and welcome everyone. Please remember to bring drinks and a towel to training sessions.



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