Muay Thai is suitable for anyone who is interested in getting fit, increasing confidence and learning how to defend themselves.  There are so many benefits, both physically and mentally.  Just come and give it a try.

For those that wish to compete, Muay Thai demands a high level of fitness, stamina and body conditioning. Training is specifically designed to promote the fitness and toughness required for ring competition and includes many of the forms of training used in other fighting arts, including running, shadow boxing, intensive anaerobic exercises, skipping and stretches. In the gym your instructor will focus on the specific Muay Thai training that uses Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bags and sparring. Please remember to bring a large bottle of water and a towel to classes.

The Muay Thai Philosophy. Train the body, mind and heart. Show patience and persistence with yourself and others. Show respect for your fellow students, instructors and yourself. Be honest, courteous and help others when you have the opportunity. 


Training Benefits. There are many benefits from Muay Thai training and not just physical:
physical benefits: Having a toned and conditioned body, increased core strength, agility, speed and having a healthy body will help you become more resilient to illnesses.
mental benefits: happiness, courage, determination, self-confidence discipline and patience
social benefits: making friends, learning how to be disciplined, respectful, obedient and honest

Training Tips.
- Attitude
: be humble, conduct yourself well and be ready to learn. Be determined, patient and realistic.
- Warm up/cool down: warming up is essential for the vigorous exercise in training and followed by a period of cooling down.
- Running: running is essential to build stamina and increases fitness
- Skipping: is an integral part of Muay Thai training & an excellent way to warm up, developing stamina and co-ordination.
- Shadow boxing: is essential to learning the Muay Thai technique. Practising in front of mirror allows you to observe and correct your movements.
- Free weights: repetition of lighter free weights helps to build muscular endurance.
- Bag work: working with heavy bags will help to build power into kicks, punches, elbows and knees, assist with timing/movement and help condition your body.
- Pad work: full power striking of the Thai pads is a tough part of training and an amazing workout. It will develop your footwork, co-ordination, combinations and spatial awareness.
sparring: once you have established a strong foundation, your instructor will teach you the art of controlled sparring and controlling emotions.
- Clinchwork/Grappling: these stand-up grappling techniques practised with a partner to learn various knee strikes, take downs and use of the elbows when in close range.

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